THHGURU Exclusive Interview: Oscar Cardona

With the 11th Instalment of #thhguruinterviews, we had the chance to ask Oscar Cardona a few questions!

Oscar Cardona

 "Dope ass muh fuckin dude"


My name is Oscar cardona your girl call me oscy lol jk but some do call me that.


I just turned 26 September 29th

Where are you from and where are you currently living?

I was born in San Diego California but I moved out to Las Vegas when I was 2. Pretty much Vegas showed me the game and made me who I am so most the time when people ask me where I'm from I just say Vegas

What's your process?

What's my process? Shit dude just work work work that's really the process I'm usually 2 or 3 projects stacked at all times!

Who influenced your style? How do you separate yourself from other artists? 

No one really influences my style man I just do my own thing I express my soul for whatever emotions I'm feeling at the time I don't really try to be like anyone else I just am myself I know that no one can do me better than me and no one in the universe has the same energy as me so I guess what separates me from the rest is I understand this lol.

My favorite people to listen to at the moment are Bryson tiller and black bear I don't really strive to be like them I just enjoy their music when I'm not listening to my own!

Do you prefer a particular art form - emceeing or producing?

As far as an art form I just enjoy creating! I produced all my own records and do all my own recording mixing and mastering.

What are new challenges when you step in the studio?

New challenges I face in the studio every day is trying to do something different or better than I've done before! I know that I'm yet to be the best at what I do so I challenge myself to try new things on every jam!

Top three music influencers?

Top 3 music influencers, hmmm I mean of all time I'd say Tupac, Eminem and drake but thas just me lol

Can you describe yourself in five words?

Describe myself in 5 words.. hmm

 Dope ass muh fuckin dude lol

At what point in your life did you decide that music was your passion? 

Shit I started making music for all the wrong reasons I wanted the money the girls fame yada yada all that shit I started off 2010. After the first few years I realized that it wasn't about that it was really more about me being able to express myself and let my soul bleed threw the sounds. I don't really know when I realized it was my passion I fall in love with it more and more every day. It's a love that keeps me working and keeps me on my toes your never sure where the next play is or where it's coming from you just have to be ready for it.

Dream collab?

If I could have a dream collab honestly it would be with 2pac that shit would be epic!

How do you feel about the Internet in the music business?

Internet and the music business is awesome it made it possible for anyone with enough of an ethic and determination the platform to allow growth and fans like never before it took out the middle man now artist can directly communicate to their fans but I feel like it made it a lot more work to make it in the industry because you have to create so much content to stay relevant in today's day and age!

You have the chance to be anybody for a day. Who would you be and what would you do?

If I had a chance to be anyone for a day I would be myself man I love my life and everything I do I wouldn't wanna miss one second of what I have going on!

Something that fans wouldn’t know about you?

Something the fans wouldn't know about me hmmm what fans always tell me that they don't expect from me is how humble and down to earth I am. I'm really a chill ass dude that just lives and loves to openly I get my heart broken a lot lol

If you had to listen to one album & one mixtape for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

If I had to listen to one mixtape or album for the rest of my life hmmm it would probably be My first platinum album that's yet to be created!

Outside of music what hobby do you turn to in order to rejuvenate your creativity? What is a typical day/week like for you?

Outside of music what's my favorite hobby?!? That's a good one man honestly for so long my free time was making music and doing all this shit, that's what I would do for fun now that it became my full time job it's really all I do I literally don't do anything else but work on this shit and I have a blast man I don't know what else I would even do with my time! I lose track of days and time it's crazy I just Live in the moment every day!

A typical day for me usually I wake up hit the gym mediate read eat breakfast then run threw the city man I'm always in and out of the studio, photo shoots, gigs, @pathfinderproductions smoke a lot of weed, politic with women, close new deals smoke more weed hmmm that's pretty much all I do man haha I'm always running around I don't even know what I do I just live one play at a time!

What should we expect next?

Next for me is the rise video we're gonna be shooting for that all week it should be out by the week.

Oscar Cardona:

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