12 Years ago...

Malice At The Palace 

12 years ago, the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers rivalry boiled over in one of the most absurd moments in sports history.

The Indiana Pacers were ready to take the NBA to a new level of dominance, but the night ruined their chance for a potential dynasty of multiple championships. 

At first, November 19th, 2004 seemed like a regular game between 2 of the NBA's best teams. Then, Ben Wallace pushed Ron Artest, starting a fight between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons that would ultimately lead to Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson jumping into the stands to fight the Detroit Pistons fans. The Malice at the Palace was the worst night in NBA History and, here is the story of that night.

-Mike Korzemba


After the game, the NBA suspended nine players for a total of 146 games, which led to $11 million in salary being lost by the players. Five players were also charged with assault, and eventually sentenced to a year of probation and community service. Five fans also faced criminal charges and were banned from attending Pistons home games for life. The fight also led the NBA to increase security between players and fans, and to limit the sale of alcohol in games.

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