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J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only

Album begins as J.Cole saying he doesn't think he wants to live anymore. But as the story goes on, he meets a girl on the song "Deja Vu". They fall in love (She's mine Pt1). As the album goes deeper, Cole realizes his friends are dying in the streets and he keeps selling drugs. Then he has a daughter (she's mine Pt2). On the last song, Cole is rapping to his daughter saying sorry but if you're hearing this album I am dead the life in the streets got to me. 

Thats when I realized something. The album is directly about J.Cole. Its about his friend. J.Cole wasn't in the streets dealing drugs. He got out. His friend is the one on the last song rapping to his own daughter. Then, on the last verse of the song, J.Cole himself appears and talks to his friends daughter himself. He tells her that her dad died from his life in the streets but was still a good person.

Now heres whats crazy. That means the whole album is technically his friends life. BUT it is still J. Cole's life. Everything that happens throughout the album is to his friend technically happens to Cole as well. 

Their lives parallel one another. They both find a girl they both have a daughter. But at the end, his friend passes away because of his life in the streets. J. Cole doesn't die. He lives to share his friends story. 4 his daughters eyes only.

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