R.LUM.R - Frustrated



Here I go talking bout the same thing
In and out as quick as you can fade way
it don't matter what I say if you want me to chain you to the sky. Oh my.

You give me your kaleidoscope in monochrome
so unlike the way you color me at home
some days it's so vivid
but mostly I would rather be blind

I'm not alright right now
I'm having trouble seeing you for what you do
I'm not alright, worn down
from make believing that you love me too

Over you
I'm a fool

I'm needed just as soon as I don't care to be
lost in the convenience of your memory
I'm screaming underwater
Every time I say goodbye

I'm not alright, right now
I've never been the type that you can just abuse
I'm not alright, cause somehow
It never seems like you're the one that has to choose

Over you
I'm a fool

Encapsulated by your apathy
love me like a common malady
keep my Charlotte in a basket
and force me with your hand
but my indignation goes beyond my neck
and I might show up when you least expect

and whose final scene it is will be left up to you

Over you
I'm a fool


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