THHGURU Exclusive Interview: BBNO$

With the 19th Instalment of #thhguruinterviews, we had the chance to ask emerging Canadian TRAP LEGEND BBNO$ a few questions! 



Name: Alexander Gumuchian

Nickname: Most close homies call me Gucci cause of my last name, but people are starting to use baby no money lol

Age: I am 21! 21 21 21 21 21  going on 12

Where are you from and where are you currently living?

I am from Vancouver B.C. and I live in Kelowna B.C. where I study human kinetics at the university of British Columbia.

What's your process?

Honestly, I really still do not know…. Before I quit caffeine I would get a full pot of coffee lowkey just slam it and start writing bars, do not recommend. Sometimes when producers like Lzr whom is my go to sends me beats it really inspires me. Usually all I have to do is just feel the beat, the feeling is quite euphoric one could say. For instance if I hear a beat and im like I need to make music, I will legit drop everything and make a song. There really isn’t a process of myself making music, I dont really understand how to explain it.

Who influenced your style? How do you separate yourself from other artists?

My biggest influence would probably be pouya, he really showed me that anybody can really get outside of their comfort zone and try something new and excel at it. Hes built an underground empire from literally nothing with no big hands. I find it quite inspirational, by no means is he my favorite artist, but he gives hope of what I can acheieve, ya feel?

I don’t really know how I differentiate from others, but I know for a fact there is something else I am doing that people are for sure not.

I make a concious effort to not to do the half triplet (AYE) flow, and usually try to hit a beat differently every time with a different flow or delivery. Though recently I feel like I am honing in on my sound so that is happening less frequently.

Do you prefer a particular art form - emceeing or producing?

 Not going to lie I really prefer not performing, but I think that would primarily due to the fact that all my shows so far have been empty as hell. Cross my fingers eventually I will have a sold out show and it’ll be cool.

Producing/mixing and mastering is probably my favorite part of it, im slightly a perfectionist when it comes to music and quite meticulous. The fine details really gets me going lol, also being an engineer would be a dope career, look at thugger’s engineer man thad be the dream. 2% Flanger on vocals trust!!

What are new challenges when you step in the studio?

As far as challenges go, I think working with new people in a studio gets me quite anxious. While I am in my bedroom I can produce what ever the frig I want and do what ever I want to do so there really is no pressure. If I am creating alone the only challenge would be on how much time I have in the day.

Top three music influencers?

This is stupid hard for me, cause I genuinely have no idea. I never really listened to music prior to grade 10. I work on my own music more than I listen to music, unless you count going out and driving around. But if I had to choose three rappers, pouya, bones, maybe suicideboys?

Can you describe yourself in five words?

I’m crazy for the pizza. In a real life situation where the boys and I crack a few cold ones and hit he discotech, I usually  always just leave and go to my main girl da pizza <3

What encouraged you to start making music? At what point in your life did you decide that music was your passion?

I’ve been giving the reason why I started to make music to my friend Sebby Swag who was in a collective with me in Vancouver when I first started making tunes. Went over to his house and made some dumb music and I really enjoyed it.

Im quite the cheap dude right? Hence, bbno$. It was about a year ago when I copped my self some audiotechnica 40s which rang me up about 200bucks and honestly I know how cheap that is with relation to music equipment, but I was like DAMN want to keep doing this for the rest of my life hahah. 

Also I noticed a massive shift in positivity in my life and just figured out it genuinely makes me significantly happier so I decided to just stick with it, and I am proud of my self from how far I have came.

Dream collab?


How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

 Its fucking brilliant, I unno. Since when can a world of Warcraft playing werdio-nerd clock up thousands of plays and have peers looking up to me.

The music industry is a shady world for sure, don’t get me wrong u gotta be a slime, but its cool as I have several  artist friends globally who would undoubtedly open their doors to me, the friends I’ve made over the internet are unbelievable and some I think I’d be able to rely on for more than just music.

The internet has really really opened up these doors that allows anybody, at any age to get what they want. Plus my paypal has been going up cause these beats im selling so honestly NO complaints WE CASHING OUT.

You have the chance to be anybody for a day. Who would you be and what would you do?

Ive been asked this before, I honestly don’t think I’d want to be anybody else for 1 day, maybe 10-15pounds of this school year lighter/skinner, but what is it too ya, this summer im staying in my room everyday so w/e.

I am confident enough to say i actually really fuck with my life lol, besides how shitty school can be at times, it’s great, people really need to take advantage of how gr8 life. Lol philosopher chillz.

Something that fans wouldn’t know about you?

 Idk, if they/you have a question email me or DM me I will get back to you I promise.

If you had to listen to one album & one mixtape for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Man these questions are hard lol, probs 2Pacalypse Now, I don’t know, I think total time spent listening to music ever! This album was the most played….

Outside of music what hobby do you turn to in order to rejuvenate your creativity? What is a typical day/week like for you?

I am a work aholic, man what the hell is up with this font. But legit if I don’t keep busy I cant make good music. I usually try to stay fit also, a clear mind works well with creativity. Never really been too into doing drugs so if im really in the pitts im smoke a lil J and try to giver.

But typical week is: Work work work, music, work work work, music.  If u wanna legit get somewhere I recommend not watching movies they are such a fuckin waste of time, fight me about it lol.

What should we expect next?

10k by the end of the summer. Lots of work this summer taking a cut in pay and diving into my savings this summer for music, expect tons of music yolo.