The RISE of Russ Diemon


Article By: Luke Romick 

I’ve always thought about the success of another person to be something that should be
celebrated, when well deserved. If you worked honestly, tirelessly and most importantly
passionately you would get what you deserve.

Enter Russ Diemon.

Russ started his Music career out by making beats in his basement as a 14-year old boy. At the
time his mother, June Diemon was a professional Life Coach and taking care of Russ along with
three other siblings. Russ stuck to the beats and eventually started DIEMON (Do It Everyday
Music Or Nothing) with Bugus and his other friends. Ten mixtapes later, Russ was ready for a

In 2014, Russ created his Soundcloud account with his sights set on the Hip-Hop Industry and
then in 2015 he gave them exactly “What They Want”. This song became Russ’ first ever RIAA
Certified Platinum Record.
Mixed, mastered, engineered, written by Russ. Things slowly started
changing for Russ and his shows quickly grew from 200 people to 2,000, selling out nearly
every show his second time around.

Nearly 100 Soundcloud singles later, Russ released his first Album, “There’s Really A Wolf”
featuring four songs from his Soundcloud rise and absolutely no one else. The album has since
been certified RIAA Gold quickly after “Losin Control” was certified Platinum (His second). Russ
has been blazing a trail as an independent artist and you can’t ignore the hype he’ has single
handedly built.

Russ has tirelessly pursued his passion of Music and it has lead to some unimaginable
successes. As of Today, Russ Diemon has dropped three songs in 72 hours but here is the
kicker: they weren’t produced by him. Russ had these three songs produced by eight (8) time
Grammy Winner, Scott Storch, the Piano-man himself. How legendary is that?

Don’t “Think Twice”, Russ will only continue to “Prosper” and if you haven’t caught the wave yet
you “Maybe” too late.

Check out Russ' latest Music Video "The Game" below! 

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