UP NEXT: Cincinnati’s Next Big Star, LOUIE&FRIENDS

UP NEXT: Cincinnati’s Next Big Star, LOUIE&FRIENDS

Article By: Synn Jordan

Soon to be influential, young new artist with promising talent hailing from Cincinnati… The almighty LOUIE&FRIENDS. Now I checked out some of his work on YouTube, and even though he has yet to build up a heavy fan base, his music is crazy dramatic. In a dope way. From “Design” featuring Steven Cannon, giving us listeners, especially the ladies something to twerk to on our way to the club to stunt on others. To “‘97 Acura” featuring Chris Crooks & Timeless giving us all the R&B feels we need to get through the night with that Hennessy bottle in your hand. Or whatever gets you in the mood. Either way this an artist to look out for and to start saving for. 

Because believe me when I say you will be buying this artists concerts ticket and wanting to be front row. Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez even our “King of R&B” Jacquees… You might want to all move over there’s about to be a new heir to the throne. LOUIE&FRIENDS is exactly what the R&B and Hip hop community needs for 2019 and thereafter. He has the edgy, cut throat music to get you out of your seats and want to jump around all over the house even though you’re supposed to be focused on cleaning your mother’s house. Some of his music reminds you of the late but great XXX Tentacion with a mix of Frank Ocean. Louie has what it takes to leave his foot print on the hip hop community, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

This young artist has his mind made up that he knows where he wants to be, and he wants what every young underground artist wants. And that’s to stand beside some of the greats that have ever lived. Now some new artists make a lot of noise when coming out to the music scene so the listeners and fans know what to look out for. But not Louie, see he puts out some music leaving that anticipation. And then reels back a bit leaving us wanting more, then repeats it. See I get tired of the crap real quick. So Louie if you ever read this put some more content out please, we want to hear some more. With that being said Flowers was a good mixtape, but give us especially me something to run and tell about. All hail LOUIE&FRIENDS.

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