Drake "Take Care" (7 Year Anniversary)

Take Care, 7 Years Later.


7 years ago today, Toronto’s very own Drake released his 2nd studio album ‘Take Care’ The album debuted at number one on the US @billboard 200, with FIRST WEEK sales of 631,000 copies! The album featured big name artists such as The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000.

‘Take Care’ topped the billboard Rap/Hip-Hop Albums in its debut week. Only two months after the release, the album was certified platinum by RIAA on January 31st, 2012. Three years later, and the album sold 2.2 million copies in the United States alone. On March 15, 2016, ‘Take Care’ was officially certified 4x platinum selling over 4 million copies.

’Take Care’ was extremely important in Drake’s success being relevant today, this album put the Toronto native artist on the map. There were multiple elements that helped in the development of Drake finding his sound; R&B influences and rapping with a singing approach.

The album’s theme incorporates themes of fame, wealth, romance, and relationships with friends, girlfriends, and family. It took one year to record the full album.

ANDERS: The Hometown Heartthrob That’s About to Blow

ANDERS: The Hometown Heartthrob That’s About to Blow

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Article By: Justin Bhangoo

The performance wasn’t perfect.. but it was indeed a great first ever show for Toronto’s newest RnB prodigy. A Toronto kid, turned rapper/singer, Anders brings a very pleasant sound, combined with some biting lyrics, to provide listeners with just a little bit of everything that’s in demand. Although not exceptional in any one facet, Anders is quite good at everything. His versatility is really showcased via his latest 8 track EP entitled “TWOS.” A track like “Press It Up” highlights the trap themed dwellings of popular music which seem to go very well with Anders’ ability to flow methodically. However, Anders’ is true strength is his smooth, refined singing voice. Said melodic abilities are really showcased via the more radio-friendly pop song “I don’t want your love.” 

Anders openly stated that his journey started only 2 years before the day of this concert. In as little as 2 years, Anders was able to create a legitimate name for him in one of North America’s largest media markets for a reason... simply put: THE BOY CAN SING. As long as you don’t expect varying vibratos and crazy highs and lows, he can deliver the melodies that accompany trendy trap beats, much like a personal favourite of mine: Bryson Tiller, 

The concert was held at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in the east end of downtown Toronto. The venue is quaint and provides a pretty decently intimate vibe. In my opinion, the best venue for a hometown kid to start his career in this city is undoubtedly the Danforth Music Hall… but my biased opinions regarding the acoustics and sightlines are undoubtedly playing a part. Let’s be clear though, the show was sold out, and packed from wall-to-wall. That however didn’t change the fact that his microphone wasn’t correctly tuned, and you could tell it, although only momentarily, brought to light that it indeed was his first ever show. 

The show started with a bang. Anders came out and started the show with the first song from his latest EP called “Bad Guy.” Anders seemed to try and get his weaknesses out of the way early, and the weakness was apparent, he is not a rapper. He is however, a very talented singer. As soon as he slowed the pace down and busted out his soothing voice, he had the room on a perennial string. He sat down and began belting out “changes,” you could see right there, Anders has heartthrob, popstar potential. The night ended with my personal favourite, “I don’t want your love” and needless to say, it was the perfect way to end a great evening with one of the city’s own sons. 

I see great things ahead for Anders, and can’t wait to continue to witness his growth. His particular brand of Pop/RnB/Rap fusion, with dark trap undertones, is a personal favourite… but all biases aside, mark my words… this won’t be that last you’ll be hearing of the 6ix’s next Hometown Heartthrob.

Check out Anders latest visual for his hit track 'Bad Guy' off his new EP Twos

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Doug Finesse - Platinum OG [Prod. Jack TP]

Doug Finesse - Platinum OG [Prod. Jack TP]

VA native Doug Finesse celebrates National Weed Day with Platinum OG. Doug Finesse fuses a catchy hook with his trademark boastful bars over a energetic beat produced by Jack TP. The song is titled after a hybrid kush strain of cannibus, which Doug says he tried for the first time on his 23rd birthday in January. 

Listen Below! 

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