With The 3rd Instalment Of #thhguruinterviews , We Had The Chance To Ask BENJI a Few Questions:

Info on/if potential tape coming soon?


Honestly, a project hasn't even crossed my mind lately. I've really noticed the structure/approach that Russ has taken with his career as far as just dropping singles constantly with that consistent quality to go with it. I just want to put out good free music and build a strong and faithful fan base.


Top 3 music influencers?


Top 3 is really hard because I'm such a music fan in general. So don't quote me on this but today I'll go with.. Pusha T, Drake and Tory Lanez.


What’s your process?


I usually will hear one or a few songs that I really like and I'll make my best effort to do my own loose adaptation of it. I'll usually pick a similar stye of beat and then write to it but sometimes it happens the other way around. I really try to focus on the vibes and the mood of the beat. I really can't write a good song unless I'm inspired and drawing influence from other great musicians. It really puts me in a zone to say "damn, I need to do some shit like that." The rest is history.. 


Everyone has a goal when they first start making music, whether it be making a million dollars or to become one of the greatest. What’s yours?


I definitely would love to have a million dollars for starters. In all reality though, i'd like to be able to support myself and my family with my music. I want to tour the US and Europe. I want to be able to distract some kids from their normal life problems with my music. Encourage young artists to get out there and push whatever art they enjoy making. I want to be successful following my own path to success and not just following the same road every other artist has taken before me. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share.