With The First Instalment Of #thhguruinterviews , We Had The Chance To Ask Khaliowe a Few Questions On His Direction

Info on/if potential tape coming soon?

I have a 5 song mixtape coming out at the end of august this year, but I'm also going to put out another single within the next 2 weeks or so.

Top 3 music influencers?

My top 3 influences are John Legend because he provides such a soulful message while still maintaining a melodic rhythm, My mom because she's always pushed and believed in me and partynextdoor because we're from the same area.

What’s your process?

With regards to my song writing process I like to take my time because I feel as though great things can't be rushed, they should come time and effort. I think back to life changing situations involving me, than use the lyrics to better portray that story. This way the listener can close their eyes and not only feel the emotion behind the music, but actually envision the story.

Everyone has a goal when they first start making music, whether it be making a million dollars or to become one of the greatest. Whats yours?

Moreover, (with regards to my goal), I want to make money of course and be able to perform at clubs, concerts and other venues around the world eventually. However, my main goal is to stay true to myself when it comes to the music, as I feel that that's the way we are capable to create the ut-most intriguing and captivating type of music.

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