"Unpredictable, Genuine, Misunderstood, Colorful, Vibes"

With The 7th Instalment Of #thhguruinterviews , We Had The Chance To Ask OkayChé a Few Questions:

Name: Oché Williams (Oh-Shay)





 Where are you from & where are you currently living?

From and Still living in Cleveland, Ohio

What’s your process? 

Sitting in my room with the windows covered and the doors closed and the lights off and just vibing with the instrumental. It's usually better if I made it because I already have a feel for it since it has part of me in it. Then I just listen a few times to see what emotions or experiences it evokes then the song usually writes itself, all Sometimes If I feel a line doesn't hit hard enough or isn't real enough I'll re word it or look through the dictionary or thesaurus for a better alternative. I used to record at my home studio until I switched rooms but now a days I got to The Coast Ent. Studio and Have Adi Rei record and engineer everything.

Do you prefer a particular art form – emceeing or producing?

I prefer emceeing because It allows me to voice how I feel. I like producing because you know if it's good immediately because it directly hits body language and you het to see if they move or feel the way you intended. But In the end words hit and spark in the mind and thoughts lasts waay longer than emotion in my opinion.

 What are new challenges when you step into the studio?

Getting comfortable is my biggest thing. I'm really personal in my music and bery self conscious of my singing and rapping so It's hard transitioning from being just alone with the mic and the beat, to leaving the booth and seeing and hearings others reactions of my music in it's purest form.

Top three music influencers?

Childish Gambino

Kanye West

Toro Y Moi

Can you describe your music in five words?

Unpredictable, Genuine, Misunderstood, Colorful, Vibes

Dream collab?

Definitely Childish Gambino

 You have the chance to be anybody for a day. Who would you be and what would you do?

I think I'm cool with being myself. It's 2 sides to every story the good and the bad, and I'm just now learning to be comfortable and accept mine. So I don't know if I could go into somebody else's life and win the same battles. 

 Something that fans wouldn’t know about you?

I used to want to be an Accountant before I let the music consume me.

If you had to listen to one album & one mixtape for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Camp by Childish Gambino & Beautiful Loser by Kyle

Everyone has a goal when they first start making music, whether it be making a million dollars or to become one of the greatest. What’s yours?

To never be forgotten. I want my music to forever be relevant to someone and never stop impacting others lives for the better.

 What should we expect next?

I'm finishing up YUNGPRETTY VOL.1 at the moment for all my fans who want to get lit, and I have some good vibes to bless the rest after.


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